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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baking FAIL

So, I asked my husband what kind of pie he wanted me to bake and he said strawberry.  Sure, no problem.  I find a recipe for a fresh strawberry pie and get the strawberries from the farmers market then go to the store to gather the rest of the ingredients.  The problem is that I can't find regular pastry flour ANYWHERE.  I checked three different grocery stores and none of them had it.  They all had whole wheat pastry flour but I really didn't want to use it - as I was afraid it would be too dense.  I finally gave up and got the whole wheat pastry flour.  I found a recipe that was specifically for a whole wheat crust because I was afraid the ratios would be different between the two types of pastry flour.  The recipe was for a single 9" pie crust so I doubled it to make a double crusted pie.  Long story short, I doubled all ingredients EXCEPT the butter!!!  That crust was so hard that it was almost inedible.  LOL!  I was so mad and first blamed the whole wheat pastry flour until I thought about it more and realized the error was mine not the recipes.  ;)

The dough was so hard to work with because of the lack of butter.  I kept adding water but it didn't' help.  I finally gave up on the double crust and made a terrible attempt at a lattice top (which I've never attempted before).  I should have just skipped the top crust completely but my mind was set on a double crust.  It is the ugliest pie I've ever seen BUT the filling was pretty delicious.  I will try again (after my pride heals a little) and will master this stupid pie.

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