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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gindungo - a crazy hot condiment

This sauce is used as a condiment in Angola. It is made with a gindungo pepper.  I love hot, spicy foods and this is the hottest thing I have ever tasted.  I put minuscule dots of it on my food because it is so hot.  What I'm trying to say is proceed with caution.

Oh, and the biggest warning is if you attempt this recipe, use gloves when handling the peppers.  If you don't have gloves, use plastic baggies.  Something.  Anything.

1 package of gindungo peppers
2 bulbs of garlic (skin on)
2 med onions, (skin on) cut in half
2 teaspoons vinegar
oil (to taste)

Take a container of gindungo peppers and place on a parchment line baking sheet (leave stems on for now).  Add a couple of bulbs of garlic and a couple onions (skins on). Season with salt and drizzle with oil. Roast at 350 until the peppers are done (about 30 minutes).  Allow to cool enough so that you can handle them.
WITH GLOVES, take the stems off the peppers (leave the seeds) and place in a food processor.  Remove the garlic and onions from their skins and add to the peppers.  At this point, they should be easy to remove from the skins.

Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar, salt (to taste) and puree.

From here, you can dish out a little bit of the pepper puree and add a lot of oil to it and use it sparingly on foods.
I dip bites of meat in it, top my pizza with it, add it to my hummus, etc.  But in very tiny amounts.You can also add a little to soups or other sauces.  

I've heard you can marinate meat with it but I would be scared to do this for fear of being unable to eat the meat.  

innocent looking ingredients going into the oven

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