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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Swakopmund, Namibia

Our drive from Sossusvlei was long and slow (a majority of the trip was on gravel roads). We saw a lot of wildlife along the way (mostly  springbok, oryx, and wildebeest) 

We stopped at Soltaire for gas, coffee, and snacks.  I think it's the only gas station between Sossusvlei and Walvis Bay (which is next to Swakopmund).  It was such a cool little place that we had to take a few pictures.

the general store

Population sign with the crossed out numbers

Back on the road, we passed through some pretty amazing sights as well as seeing more wildlife

Next stop Swakopmund!  This is a beach resort town with lots of little coffee shops, art galleries, antique stores, and restaurants.  We had a great time here too.  We went sand boarding, visited the aquarium, ate lots of delicious seafood, had a family run, and hung out on the rooftop of hotel and read books.


Rooftop reading

View of the beach from our hotel

View of the town from our hotel

Writing a card to her penpal 

Riding up the sand dune

Getting ready for the ride down

So fun!

Next up - Etosha

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