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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have a stage tomorrow

After several weeks of emailing tons of restaurants in Monterey, I finally have a stage for tomorrow night!  If it works out, then I will be doing a paid culinary internship there.  For those that might not know, a stage is an internship at a restaurant where you work for a well known chef and learn as much as you can about everything.  It is popular practice in Europe and has been going on there forever.

Anyways, I spoke with the chef yesterday and I am really excited about it!  It's at a very quaint little European-style restaurant with an emphasis on local/sustainable foods.  Here is the restaurant I will be at tomorrow. The chef said he has been providing an internship over the past three years and still has almost half the stages working in his kitchen.  I take that to be a positive thing, since it means that 1.  he's probably seen every stupid thing a stage could possible mess up and 2. he can't be terrible to work for, if half of the stages remain.

I will describe the entire first evening after it's over (gory details and all), so stay tuned!

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